Il Vivaio R&B

Design holiday out of doors in Bologna

In 2018 Marina Regnani, decides to expand the offer by furnishing a family property located in Via Massarenti 97, with the taste and attention that distinguishes it, thus creating a Design structure in the first suburb of Bologna, to offer a way to stay in a sought-after environment also outside the door in Bologna.

The Vivaio R&B is rented as an apartment to stay for vacation or business, breakfast is consumed in the pastry shop on the ground floor, in the property, equipped with en-suite, there are two rooms, a terrace, a living room, a kitchen exclusive use.

The Vivaio R&B represents a pleasant discovery in the new reality of the felsinea welcome, a small structure to discover for those who come to visit Bologna, outside of any approval and commonplace, an experience that stands out for anoffer of excellence and a quality welcome.

Site in the very early suburbs of Bologna, The R&B Vivaio is ten minutes from the Fair, from the Hospital Uiversitario Sant’Orsola, 10 minutes away. bus from the Bologna Centre, is located in front of the Bus stop; it’s a great starting point to explore the surroundings of Bologna, despite being a short distance from the city centre.